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Live the Rustic, Artisanal, Kinfolk Life in Berkeley for $1.35M

Dreaming of closing the laptop and picking up a hoe? This one's for you

A couple of years ago, an article in the New York Times credited Kinfolk magazine as stoking the flames of a lifestyle trend they dubbed "Rustic Artisanal Twee." For those who haven't seen the magazine, it is basically an ode to slow living, a perfectly designed existence, and a lot of camera-ready food. To borrow from the NYT again, it's "Martha Stewart Living for the Portland set." It's quite easy to mock, and just as easy to quietly covet.

That mindset sets the stage for the home at 2219 Stuart Street in Berkeley. If you've ever dreamed of laying down the laptop and picking up a garden hoe, then this property deserves a look.

It's really like a mini compound, with a circa 1899 home, another small cottage, and old garage that suggests any number of Etsy-worthy endeavors. On the land, you can see a pretty sizable garden for an urban lot (and if your yield isn't bountiful, Berkeley Bowl is nearby).

Like the magazine, the inside of the two-story house is well-edited and spare, with lots of vintage details and fixtures. The cottage also has its period details intact, complete with diamond-paned windows and wainscoting. Between the two buildings, there are four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths; the asking price is $1.35 million. Time to sharpen that hoe.