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Rent Data Shows Prices Up Citywide, Including Less Pricey Neighborhoods

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Map from rental site Zumper provides few surprises, much renter sadness

Rental site Zumper released a new average rent price map, and it resembles a good steak, with pricey red-meat neighborhoods surrounded by the pale marbling of more affordable destinations.

Zumper reports a slight (2.6 percent) increase in the price of a one bedroom in the city, and a larger (3.8 percent) jump for two bedrooms, but notes that things aren't as bad as they were at peak prices last summer. Whether this is bad news or not as bad as it could be probably depends on how inured you are to such things.

South Beach, Russian Hill, and the Dogpatch clock as the city’s priciest neighborhoods for renters. South Beach rents are up $140 since Q3 2015, to an average of $3,920. Russian Hill rents increased by $110, to $3,850, but down in the Dogpatch things declined by $170, to $3,810. The previous most expensive neighborhood, the Financial District, declined $380, to $3,800 even.

The Excelsior remains the most affordable neighborhood, as usual, rising by $40 since last summer, to an average of $1,990/month today. The Tenderloin took its similarly customary number two spot, rising $105 to an average of $2,295/month. Bayview is your third most affordable option, up $250 to $2,350.