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A "Neo-Victorian" is Born in Noe Valley, Asks $2.398M

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This 121-year-old house is completely new on the inside

Just when you think you've heard every real estate term under the sun, a new phrase is born. Here's the latest (for us, anyway): Neo-Victorian. We've never heard the term, but anyone who watches the market will know what it means: A reimagined Victorian.

The house at 228 Day Street in Noe Valley was built in 1895, and the outside looks it. For the interior, to quote the listing, it's a "new day."

Once through the door, the past falls away to 21-foot ceilings, modern steel beams, and an open plan. Above, there's a "New York-inspired" loft surrounded by metal and glass and topped by large skylights.

The kitchen, following the latest trends, is home to a large island. Six people can comfortably take a seat here.

The accompanying video says that the 2,370-square-foot home is new from the foundation to the roof, and we don't doubt it. The asking price for the reborn house is $2.398 million.