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Big Views, Baroque Style, and a Grand Ballroom = $6.9M Price

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Parts of the 1907-era manse are like a time capsule

Back in the 1907 day, when the house at 17 Buena Vista Terrace was built, there were likely many San Francisco homes with a ballroom. But only a few of them made it into the 21st century. This one did, details intact, perhaps because it is the first time this house has been on the market since 1978. Plus, with 6,000 square feet, it's not like they were needing the extra space.

To be precise, it's a "grand" ballroom with an antique wet bar, plus a one-bedroom apartment. (Where the help slept?)

In the upper levels, the style is the kind you don't see every day. Not only are the period details intact, it's decorated with antique furniture to match in the living and dining areas. The kitchen is large and more modern, and some of the auxiliary rooms are fading.

There are shockingly few photos for a house in this price range, but in what's provided, you can see the old place has some amazing views. Someone with vision and resources could make a great new chapter for this home — and maybe the music will play in the ballroom yet again.