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Small Shakespeare Street Home Hints at Creative License

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Drawings show the house as it could be — if plans can be approved

The home at 150 Shakespeare Street is selling promise. The Outer Mission property is 700 square feet and is in what is clearly rundown condition. (No interior shots are shown, but the listing calls it a "contractor's special" needing "complete renovation," and that really says it all.)

Last week, we ran news of the funky little cottage at 37 Blake Street. That house, weighing in at 824 square feet, came with approved plans for a two-unit building and is asking a whopping $2.2 million.

This view property is smaller and has drawings (but not approved plans) for a three story house, and is asking for $658,888. The listing promises that the current owner is "in the final stage" of obtaining plans for the four-to-six bedroom house with a two-car garage. Looking at the numbers, it makes you wonder if they shouldn't go ahead and get the approval stamp, doesn't it?

At any rate, there are no scheduled open houses, but interested parties are invited to drive by the property.