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Coltrane Church to Relocate After Ugly Eviction Fight

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Minister says he hopes the institution can stay in the Fillmore District

Next month, the music will cease at the St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church's Fillmore District location, ending a long and contentious eviction battle.

The San Francisco Chronicle carries the news this morning, reporting that the church that uses the music of jazz great John Coltrane as the basis for worship will move on April 24.

This ends a protracted eviction battle that attracted media attention and rallied thousands to sign a petition to protect the church, which has been holding services at the West Bay Conference Center at 1286 Fillmore Street for the past decade.

The church's Most Rev. Franzo W. King told a Chronicle reporter that the group hopes to stay in the neighborhood. "This is the Jazz Preservation District, and we would love to continue serving in [this] district," he said.

In a statement provided to the newspaper, West Bay, a private non-profit, said they are "operating in the same ruthless economy that has engulfed the entire Fillmore District. The survival costs are staggering, and they continue to grow."