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Clock Tower Unit Proves Concrete is still Cool

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Back-lit shelves, artistic pendants, and the largest television in town (?)

When done right, concrete can be anything but cold and forbidding. Case in point: Unit T660 in the historic Clock Tower building (461 2nd Street). Muscular, board-formed concrete is the star here, and it makes up the ceiling and giant pillars in the 1,788-square-foot loft. Pair the industrial material with quirky built-ins and other unique architectural features and things start to get appealing and even cozy.

The listing says that Studio 12's Jeff Burris is responsible for the work here, and that he designed it to act like a prism, causing light to be drawn into the interior. It also says the light fixtures are customized for the space, and most buyers who look at a loft like this will hope that the edgy fixtures (living room pendants, we mean you) come with the place. Personally, we'd also ask the seller to throw in what might be one of the largest television screens in town.

Other unique features include back-lit bookshelves that illuminate what appears to be a windowless room, a curved closet, and an artistic black-and-red accent wall behind the bed in the master.