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Vacant Lot with No Promises Asks $995K

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Last sold for $135K three years ago

Writing about real estate in the Bay Area can cause a person to run the gamut of emotions: shock, surprise, sadness, amazement — it's all in the realm. We aren't quite sure what to feel about the listing at 1440 De Haro, so we will simply report it as evenhandedly as possible.

An empty lot on Potrero Hill hit the market asking for $995,000. The 2,495-square-foot plot of ground comes with no structure or promises. It's zoned RH-2 (residential, two families), but the listing is quick to point out: "Seller and Agent make no warranties re: what can be built." But in the next breath, they point out that there are "several" three- and four-story buildings on the block (hint, hint).

The plot of ground is located half a block from where De Haro ends at 26th Street, a stone's throw from the 101 freeway. Though De Haro has most often been in the news lately because of the large homeless camps beneath its freeway overpasses, this lot is well away from those realms, on Potrero Hill's southernmost tip.

Depending on who you ask, the average San Francisco home now costs around $1.1 million, only $150,000 more than this list price. According to Zillow, the lot last sold in 2013 for $135,000. Zillow also lists an open house for the site tomorrow. Sans house, of course.