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Rent Properties Weird and Wonderful From SF's Newest Startup

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From an Abandoned Train Station, to a Floating House, to a 1906 Hotel — it's all out there

Splacer, the New York-based startup founded by architects Adi Biran and Lihi Gerstner and usually dubbed the "Airbnb of event spaces" (although they pitch themselves as "the Airbnb of architecture"), goes live in San Francisco this week, following a soft launch in New York last year. The concept is simple: Splacer wants to be a one-stop shop for anyone looking to book space for a private event.

In the past, people mostly went to Craigslist for that kind of thing. Splacer promotes itself as a way to encourage landlords to make normally disused space available to the public, to help people find unusual spaces they might not normally have thought to check into, and a platform to promote spaces and make them look like a million bucks to potential renters. (They have professional photographers on tap to come shoot your place.)

The official San Francisco launch date is Wednesday, but 69 Bay Area listings are already live on the Splacer site. There are presently 341 New York spaces. Many of the spaces are simply offices or even lofts and apartments that the owners are willing to lend out for parties, meetings, workshops etc, but some of the stuff on tap is of a more extravagant, swanky, or even just plain weird stripe. For example:

  • A floating house in Sausalito ($400/hour):

A barn resort in Napa ($2,875/hour):

A spooky abandoned train station in Oakland ($280/hour):

The Chapel music hall on Valencia ($280/hour):

A "bohemian compound" in the Mission ($805/hour):

A cyclorama ($115/hour):

Whatever the heck this place is ($400/hour):