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Crissy Field Revamp to Move Cars Back from the Water

Plans include the widening of paths and the elimination of puddles

Few San Francisco spots are more beloved than Crissy Field, and the well-trod pathway is starting to show heavy use in places. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Crissy Field's promenade will get some much needed renovation love this fall.

That report says a $2.5 million grant and matching donations will be used to widen sections of the path, increase drainage, and revamp parking areas. Park service planner Kirsten Holder told a Chronicle reporter, "The renovations will make it more enjoyable and easier to navigate."

The Chronicle says the East Beach passage will stretch to 30 feet wide. Puddles will be reduced or eliminated by replacing packed gravel roadways with shale composite. The East Beach parking lot will be reconfigured farther away from the beach, but space for 400 cars will be preserved. Park Service spokesperson Alexandra Picavet told the newspaper that lawn will take the current parking lot spaces. "Now you won't be looking at the bay over a sea of cars. It will just be nature," she was quoted as saying.

The project is set to begin in October and continue through 2016.