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Nonexistent Russian Hill Palace Back On the Market

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Literal dream house asks nearly $10 million

The five bedroom, 6.5 bath, "high-tech contemporary" house at 1283 Greenwich Street near the corner of Larkin is a contender to be one of Russian Hill's most ambitious homes. All it needs is for someone to actually build it first.

We noted the non-arrival of this presently not-extant estate when it was first offered back in September. The price was nearly eight figures for, mind you, a house that doesn’t exist. The proposed 7,000-square-foot home designed by Lewis Butler is fully entitled and ready to break ground, just as soon as someone opens the purse strings.

But come January there were no takers, so the phantom manor and its $9.495 million listing were withdrawn. Now it’s reappeared, this time asking…$9.495 million. Maybe the offer just needed to be taken in to rest for a while, like a good horse.

Admittedly, the hypothetical home is a doozy, with a site overlooking George Sterling Memorial Park, right around the corner from the Lombard Street curves. The design boasts enormous glass walls, open-beam ceilings, rooftop decks, a wine cellar right off the three-car garage, and a spiral staircase cutting a single helix path through the top three levels.

A virtual tour (the only sort of tour possible at this point) is available on the would-be mansion's site. The estimates indicate a 15-18 month construction time. Brokers at TeedHaze promise it will be "one of the most desirable homes ever built." Knock on wood.