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Haight-Ashbury Townhouse Has Mad Curb Appeal, Asks $1.275M

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A maximalist facade just a block from the Panhandle

The elaborate Victorian architecture of the building at 500 Cole Street catches your eye and reels you in — and it will for years to come, thanks to the fact these townhouses have just been landmarked.

The two-unit dwelling was constructed by Robert Dickie Cranston, a well-known builder in this neighborhood at the turn of the century. The corner unit, the one on the market, has an advantage many Victorians in this neighborhood don't. It's detached on three sides, which ensures the interior is filled with light.

Inside, there are more period details, but also a modern floor plan. This is one of those homes where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are on the top floor and the bedrooms are on the street level. (Look closely, and you can see the master bedroom was likely a living room at an earlier time in the home's history.)

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home measures 1,660 square feet and is asking for $1.275 million. At the intersection of Cole and Page, it's just a block away from the Panhandle. If you're walking in the area, it's well worth a quick detour to just to admire the exterior.