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Pacific Heights Victorian Enters Market at $2.995

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Sophisticated home retains it's character — mostly

The house at 2970 Jackson Street stands in the middle of some prime blocks for Victorian architecture. This house is not a time capsule, but it's not a gut job either.

For example, you can see where pocket doors likely divided a front and back parlor. The doors are gone, but the half-walls remain. The fireplaces are all there, but the surrounds and mantels have been removed and the bricks are painted white.

That's not to say the vintage molding isn't still there, it is — and it's painted white.

Another update that didn't happen is a garage. In this neighborhood, that's a tough one. However, the home comes "with a garage permit in place." Whether "in place" means "approved" is unclear.

Mix all this together with a renovated kitchen and bath, and you have a look that's a bit traditional, a bit modern, and seemingly ready for a magazine photoshoot.