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For Bay Area Modernism Lovers, This is the Ultimate Rental

Live in the lovingly preserved house Jospeh Esherick built for his family

For many of the design-obsessed, a house by Joseph Esherick is a holy relic. So, we can imagine that when the architecturally inclined read that the Marin County home Esherick built for his family shortly after his college graduation is available for rent, hearts will be beating a little faster.

The house at 200 Wellington Avenue in Ross was built by Esherick in 1940. For the uninitiated, he was the architectural heir apparent of the likes of Bernard Maybeck and William Wurster. He's responsible for numerous modern homes and commercial buildings in the Bay Area, but is perhaps best known as one of the design fathers of Sea Ranch.

This house has the simple, modern gestures knit together with dramatic moments that marked Esherick's later work. The current owner likens it to "living in a treehouse," calling out the 24 double-hung windows and four doors that open to a wooded lot.

He goes onto say, "...thoughtful original details abound, including hemlock paneling on most wall and ceiling surfaces, plentiful closets, built-in cabinetry."

The owner has to relocate to the East Coast for a time, so he's renting it for $5,000/month. May it go to the person who appreciates it the most.