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Landfall, One of Belvedere's Grand Old Estates, Asks $9.89M

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Few homes have a waterside location this dazzling

The home at 296 Beach Road in Belvedere is the kind of thing you find in novels. It even has a dreamy name: Landfall. Should the house sell for its asking price of $9.89 million, it will be a windfall to the current owners.

Virtually everything is dreamy about this house: The large (5,066 square feet) shingled dwelling is surrounded by gardens and sited perfectly to take in gorgeous water and San Francisco views. It has its own deep-water dock (it was the landing and launching pad for a commuter ferry for some 30 years).

The house was built as a summer retreat for the Winthrop family back in 1892 (summering on Belvedere was a thing back then). It remained a summer house for many years, and the listing includes a photo from a garden party staged in the home's early days.

Later, in 1932, it was owned by Marian Huntington (grand niece of Collis P. Huntington, one of the famed Big Four who built the transcontinental railroad). She is said to have engineered the remodel of the master suite, making it a replica of ship's cabin and using recycled boat decking as hardwood floors. There are many nautical references in the home still.

It's an apt motif, as the large windows give the home the illusion of floating on the bay.