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Lombard Street Set to be Safer for Walking, Tougher for Parking

Pedestrians are seven times more likely to get injured here than other SF streets

Lombard Street is often erroneously called the "crookedest" street in San Francisco. But locals know that it's the flat stretch on the way to Golden Gate Bridge that can really mess you up.

According to a KTVU news report, on that part of Lombard (near Richardson Avenue and Lombard Street), San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency numbers show that pedestrians are seven times more likely to be injured than elsewhere in the city.

Tonight, the agency voted to do something about it. According to KTVU, the SFMTA board approved plans to widen sidewalks and make more noticeable crosswalks. Plans also include boarding areas for busses and curb extensions to shorten crosswalks and keep cars at a distance.

The cost? Roughly $12 million and the loss of 50 parking spaces (which rankles local business owners).

Work on the two-year project is set to start this summer.