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Condo with Gracious Character Debuts on Market at $749K

This small home has big charm

So many of the condos in San Francisco are new, when you find one with classic lines it's a surprise.

Unit 1 at 190 Arguello Boulevard is one of those homes. It's in a circa 1900 building, and it shows in the molding and details: A coffered ceiling, an arched fireplace, and beefy baseboards and crown moldings are all here.

The bathroom and kitchen are a bit dated, but that can be fixed, and it's much harder to restore or install a believable vintage character.

At 784 square feet, and with just one bedroom and one bathroom, it's on the smaller side. That means it comes with a (relatively) smaller price: $749,000. This makes it the latest inductee into our informal (but prestigious) Under $1 Million Club.