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The Smallest, Least Expensive Single-Family Home in SF Asks $499K

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Two bedrooms, solar panels, and a dining room — all in 800 square feet

Not too long ago, we wrote about a charming 363-square-foot cottage (officially part of a condo development) in the Mission District that was asking for $495,000. In a way, today's featured property is similar — but 122 Montana Street in Oceanview has attributes all its own. At 800 square feet, it's twice as large; it has a sizable, private backyard; it has solar panels; and its asking price ($499,000) makes it the second least expensive single family home on the market. (There's a larger house at 250 Wilde Street in Visitacion Valley for $495,000, but it is a fixer and tenant occupied.)

The charms of this two-bedroom, one-bath home may not be as evident as the Mission District home, but a close look and a little imagination shows you what it could be. The listing agent must agree, as the broker babble reads: "Ideal for first time home buyer priced out of other neighborhoods or contractor/investor who wants to develop a luxury home in one of the fastest appreciating markets."