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Artist Cottage with Death Warrant and New Plans Hits Market at $2.2M

You could call this one a dead house walking

The five-room cottage at 37 Blake Street doesn't actually have death warrant, of course. But with a price tag of $2.2 million and plans for a large, new duplex, you could say it's a dead house walking.

The little house sold for $851,000 in 2013. It's a funky little place (824 square feet) that's described as an "artist's cottage." What else would you call a Victorian with an addition on the front that features a corrugated metal roof and seven windows that resemble (and maybe are) bicycle rims?

↑ Now it's back on the market, but this time it has fully approved plans for a two-condominium building. The listing details the attributes of the unbuilt project: Each unit has well over 3,000 square feet; each unit has four bedrooms and four bathrooms; and each has a deck (the upper unit has a rooftop deck as well). The only catch? The listing says: "Existing single-family home on site would need to be demolished."