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Lower Pac Heights Condo with Character Asks $899K

It doesn't always pay to judge a house by its exterior

Condominium and character aren't two words that always go together. The unit at 1449 Baker is an exception to the rule, which makes it (along with its price) the latest property to enter our informal Under $1 Million Club.

It's Unit 1 in a two-unit building, and it hides behind a rather nondescript shingled exterior. Inside, it's a different story.

At first, we thought we might be responding to the furniture and art, which is pleasing to the eye. But looking again, we noticed that somewhere along the line, someone got the idea to bump up sections of the ceiling. This gives the living area and kitchen a much higher ceiling plane and some architectural interest and pattern. It's akin to a modern coffered ceiling, one that plays with proportions. The niches are accented subtly with paint.

As the lower unit, it has direct access to the "easy" care garden (in other words, a patio). The space is uninspiring at the moment, but it has potential and it's there (a bonus in the condo world, where yards are a rare thing).

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home measures 1,180 square feet and asks $899,000, making it a solid candidate for our club. Whether its sale price will strip its membership remains to be seen.