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House Straddling the Mission and Noe Valley Could Have the Best of Both Worlds

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It also tiptoes on the border of traditional and modern

When looking for a new home, choosing a neighborhood can be tough. But the house at 3774 23rd Street doesn't force decisions. It is located on the Noe Valley side of Dolores Street — but just barely, by a little more than a block (it's on the corner of 23rd and Severn Street, which is a dead end passage more akin to an alley). That puts it in the enviable position of being a quick walk to either neighborhood, and all the entertainment, dining, and shopping you could desire. The asking price for this unique ability is $1.95 million.

And there's more. People who update vintage homes (this one is a 1915 Edwardian) sometimes get it wrong. The owners of this house went the other way. The Craftsman-style dwelling has plenty of original features, including molding, pocket doors, built-in cabinets, and ceiling beams.

But there are contemporary touches as well, such as the kitchen with a cheeky orange accent wall and a garden with a circular patio.

The three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house, measures 1,561 square feet — but the potential for expansion is called out. As the listing puts it, "An interior connection to the garage suggest a great opportunity to expand." The point is underlined by staging that mocks up a living area in what looks like a very large garage.