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Gavin Newsom's Former Buena Vista Manse Hits Market at $3.495M

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Before he was Lt. Governor, this is where Mayor Newsom resided

When we called real estate agent Jane Ivory to ask about the grand house she's listing at 1581 Masonic Avenue, she sounded surprised when our first question was about Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. "He did own this house, but it was a long time ago," she said. "It's not the most important thing about the home."

True, the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home has a lot going for it—but you can never underestimate the interest a celebrity owner will generate, even if that person is a very, very former owner.

Newsom purchased the home from interior designer Candace Barnes and lived here for some of the time he was the mayor of San Francisco, and then he and his family decamped to Marin County in 2011.

So, it's doubtful that there are any remnants of the Newsom family's residence, but it makes for interesting cocktail conversation and neighborhood lore.

No matter who lived there, the Arts and Crafts architecture, the dramatic views, and a location on the periphery of Buena Vista Park is likely to turn buyer's heads—maybe even famous ones.