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Jordan Park Home is Stately in the Front, Party in the Back

A fire-engine red exterior gives this house a fun secret

A group of refined homes populate Jordan Park, the neighborhood tucked below Presidio Heights and beside Laurel Heights. With a dignified shingled front exterior, the home at 182 Jordan Avenue fits right in. But go around back, and the fire-engine red walls tell a different (and more fun) story.

The five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom Edwardian home was built in 1915. All of the rooms in the three-level house are done in tasteful and quiet colors, with few hints at the fun out back.

The red exterior is just the backdrop for a modern garden with oversize pavers and square planters. It appears that the lower garage level was redone at some point, and a niche that was cut in the backyard to make way for a light well and egress from the lower level is also lined with red walls. It's like the proper house has a really fun secret, and we are betting buyers want to be in on it.