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Outdated Eureka Valley Edwardian Lowers its Price to $1.79M

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For the past few years, it has seemed as if houses in the Eureka and Noe Valley areas with potential for upgrades have been able to sell for sky-high prices. That's likely why the three-bedroom Edwardian with an outdated kitchen and original floor plan set its price way up at $1.868 million when it hit the market a month ago. Despite possible opportunity for expansion on the basement level, no one has jumped at the chance, and the price just took a dip to $1.79 million.

The house has some charm, but it's certainly not filled with the designer touches, flat fireplaces, and soaking tubs that seem to have become hallmarks of its neighborhood. It also lacks parking, and while street parking isn't too bad in the area, walking just about anywhere requires navigating some hills. So perhaps an ask of nearly $1,300 per square foot was just too much for this home.

· 3852 21st Street [Redfin]