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Initial Plans Revealed for Big New Laurel Heights Development

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A new development at 3333 California Street has been in the works for some time, with developers Prado Group and SKS holding a series of community meetings over the past year for the project on the UCSF-owned land. Last week, those plans got a lot more concrete with the first round of designs for the site revealed. Those plans include 560 new units of housing, new retail, and new open space.

A "market plaza" with lots of retail and space to sit would be created on one side of the site, while the park at the corner of Euclid and Laurel streets would be extended. Pedestrian promenades would run through the area, and the existing theater building would be transformed into housing. The development would sprawl across 10 acres. We've heard rumblings of neighborhood opposition to this one because of the density of the project.

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