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Character-Rich Home Near the Panhandle Asks $2.299M

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Many homes on the market have been sanitized to the point of blandness through staging. That's why a property like 626-628 Baker Street stands out. This is a offering that's memorable for its period details as well as its creative furnishings. After all, how many homes have a large zebra statue, a room covered in fluffy clouds, and brash typography art all under one roof? Well, in this case, two roofs. There are a pair of homes on one extra wide lot.

The homes are located on Baker about three blocks from both the Panhandle and Alamo Square park. This is Victorian territory, but the front house is no ordinary Victorian. It seems as if it has been chopped in half. Looking at the homes around it, you see a row of grand two-story Painted Ladies. It makes you wonder if there was a fire at some point in the home's history.

That part's conjecture, but it's a fact that a local luminary lived here. C.S. Capp, secretary of the San Francisco Homestead Union and namesake of Capp Street, once owned this house.

The Victorian home has tons of period detail, but they are almost eclipsed by the bold colors and interior finishes (for example, the dining room has black-and-white striped wallpaper, bright turquoise curtains, chairs with bright-pink upholstery, and old-master-style portraits of dogs).

The house in back is described as a Craftsman, and it's also a quirky single-story home. One of its distinguishing features is a narrow porch the likes of which you don't often find in San Francisco. It's also marked by dramatic wainscoting and bead board paneling.

Between the two homes, you'll find a flagstone garden that's watched over by a fedora-wearing cow. This is a home that's survived the years with its whimsy intact.

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