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Disgraced Entrepreneur's Penthouse Drops Another $1M

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It's been a rough journey for the Infinity penthouse that belongs to troubled serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal. The penthouse was once decked out in zebra skin on the kitchen floors and headboards monogrammed with the letter G. Its decor is now pared way, way back, but still no one's buying. After listing for $12 million last April, it dropped its price way down to $8.8 million in August before disappearing from the market. Now it's back and listing at $7.995 million.

Chahal has been plagued with domestic violence accusations, and his current company was sued last year for gender discrimination and harassment. The penthouse he's leaving behind has 107 linear feet of glass with views out across the bay, but otherwise it's pretty empty at this point. There's a kitchen tucked into a corner, marble floors, and some white built-in shelving in the main spaces. The staging has been updated with some rugs over those marble floors and pillows on the sofas (although the a G monogram composed of tile is still visible on the floor). Will the touches of warmth and price reduction help sell the home this time around?

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The Infinity

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