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A Bernal Heights Cottage That's Like a Miniature Painted Lady

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When you say "Bernal Heights" many people think of the area that rings Bernal Hill Park. This sweet Victorian house is located closer to Holly Park, the smaller green space to the south of the namesake peak. It's one of a collection of turn-of-the-century cottages in the area. This single-story home at 248 Richland Street looks like a confection, with the kind of trim you'd expect on a larger Victorian and a fence and entry that are so picture-perfect they would look at home in a child's storybook. The fact that it's diminutive makes it even more charming. It's asking for $1.249 million

The 1,250-square-foot home's appeal doesn't stop at the front door. Inside, you'll find classic moldings and light fixtures, perhaps original to the house. The sweet stone fireplace in one of the bedrooms (the listing says it has two bedrooms and another space that could be used as a third) was another feature that was likely there the day the house was finished in 1900.

Judging from the layout of the kitchen, that room hasn't changed dramatically in 116 years. Back in the day, Victorian homes didn't have miles of countertops, industrial appliances, and sizable islands. This one still doesn't. Perhaps that explains what appears to be a folding countertop extension that runs in front of the double doors that lead out to the deck.

There's a family room on the lower level, and it hasn't been renovated with the same level of detail as the other rooms. The next buyer will likely see the potential for writing the next chapter of this cottage.

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