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SB 50 Rental: Air Mattress for $900 Per Person, Per Night

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We've covered some pretty off-the-hook rentals for Super Bowl 50. Most of them have been luxurious, but some of them seem not so great. This one may be the most, um, interesting one we've noticed. At least, that's how SFist (the place where we first spotted it) describes it (their exact adjective is "egregious"). The offer is to rent an air mattress in a nearly empty NoPa living room with a hardwood floor. The cost is $900 per person, per night.
When SFist reporters say egregious, they aren't wrong. The Craigslist ad makes it clear that any takers (limit five) will be sleeping in the empty room on either a futon or a "comfortable" air mattress. The bathroom and kitchen are shared with the residents.

We suppose it's not all bad. The home is a nice top-floor unit in a classic San Francisco Victorian with "beautiful views of Buena Vista Park."

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