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Another Flip Pops Up in an Unlikely Spot

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An unassuming facade hides a large square footage and a sizable price

We are well aware that house flipping is an activity that takes place in every corner of the Bay Area. However, we've been spotting what appear to be high-end, single-family development projects in neighborhoods where they are somewhat uncommon. And not only do these projects bring the latest home remodeling trends to the neighborhoods, they also bring larger square footage and higher prices.

The latest example is one that just came onto the market in the Portola. This southern district was recently the winner of the Curbed Cup, but it's rare to spot a major flip here. And it's really unusual to see a house like the one at 268 Madison Street that has 3,244 square feet and a price tag of $1.58 million. (For comparison's sake, the next most expensive single-family house on the market is at 677 Sweeny Street that's asking for $848,000. It measures 1,130 square feet and is more modest.)

From the outside, the Madison Street house blends in with the style and vintage of the other homes on the street. Inside, it's a three-level home with four bedrooms and four baths.

Here you'll find features that live in nicer remodel projects all over the city: An open floor plan, a large view deck, and a large yard covered with faux turf. But will the sellers find buyers who are willing to pay this price?