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Studio in Storied Tower Sells for $3.5M

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Is this the only al fresco studio in all of San Francisco?

It's not like units in the Summit (the high-rise at 999 Green Street, on the top of Russian Hill) don't sell for astronomical prices. The last time we wrote about an offering in the Joseph Eichler-designed building was two years ago (sales are pretty uncommon in this building) to report news of a two-bedroom unit hitting the market for a cool $6.25 million.

But the quiet sale of a studio (unit #3005) in the building for $3.5 million is enough to raise the eyebrow of even a jaded reporter. True, this is a 1,244-square-foot condo designed by architect Ryan Knock of Knock A+D and David Oldroyd, a principal at ODADA, but it is still a studio that fetched a price in excess of $3 million.

According to a description on the architect's website, the home started as a one-bedroom unit, but the decision to turn it into a studio was made to "make it entirely open to the view."

When they say entirely open, they mean it. Not only is the condo a nearly completely open interior space (a eucalyptus-clad cube hides the bathroom and dressing room), huge floor-to-ceiling corner windows slide aside to make the condo open to the air and a dramatic view of Coit Tower and the San Francisco Bay.

When the property was listed, it's website said the price as "available upon request." Now that it's sold, we don't have to ask.