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Proposed Law Aims to Prevent School Worker Evictions

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San Francisco schoolteachers and other school employees ranging from janitors to principals could be almost completely exempt from evictions during the school year if new legislation introduced by Supervisor David Campos becomes reality. A law already exists that prevents landlords from using an owner move-in eviction during the school year if tenants have children. This would be an expansion of that law to cover all employees who work at a school, from a day care through a high school, private or public.

Campos's legislation would also cover all no-fault evictions, not just owner evictions. The only exceptions would be mandated seismic repair and the Ellis Act, which is a state law. The legislation is meant to address major concerns about the ability of teachers to afford housing. The San Francisco school system struggled to find enough teachers at the beginning of the school year, and a December poll by the United Educators of San Francisco showed that 77 percent of teachers asked had difficulty finding housing and 59 percent said they were worried that they wouldn't be able to continue teaching for the school district.

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