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Remodeled Home Brings a Little Noe to Miraloma Park

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Miraloma Park—the San Francisco neighborhood that's ringed by Diamond Heights, Forest Hill, and Sunnyside—isn't generally known for homes with $2 million dollar price tags. But the house at 213 Los Palmos Drive has the modernist style, the designer finishes, and the asking price ($2.175 million) that's more akin to what you'd find over the hill in Noe Valley.

In fact, the next most expensive house in the area (a nicely remodeled dwelling at 127 Molimo) is asking for $780,000 less.

The listing claims that the home in question is newly built. Looking at it, we think they mean very heavily remodeled. We are betting that it started life as a cookie cutter house. But if so, there's no trace of that now.

The new home is large for the area (three stories, 2,827 square feet) and it has many features you'd associate with a custom, designer home: white oak floors, glass stair railings, and a view deck. There's even some features you'd expect in a very luxe property, such as two master suites.

We'll be watching to see if the sale of this one brings a new (and higher) price to the neighborhood.

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