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Dilapidated House, Once Inhabited by Squatters, Asks $1.558M

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Real estate listings are known for their understatements, so when you come across one that calls a property a "true fixer" with "delayed maintenance," you know there's real work to be done. But, according to an article on SFGate, the Victorian homes at 708-710 Buchanan Street come with a little something extra: A note from squatters and mysterious matter in the bathroom tub.

This is the kind of story that has made the San Francisco real estate market one of the wonders of the world. From the outside, the two-unit building is a highly ornamented Victorian. Period details are inside too—but they are in severe disrepair. All this equals an asking price of $1.558 million.

But, according to SFGate, the listing photos don't show the full story. The house was long abandoned and plagued by squatters. One of the illicit tenants left a sad note on the wall that's unlikely to warm a buyer's heart. It reads: "I'm stupid, incomplete, ignorant, and childish. Do I want to be like this forever? Simple answer: No. But other people's help is a f---ing lie. So kick me out! Both of you. I give a f---.

The report includes photos taken by a Reddit user called ElroySF who posted photos of the house on Imgur. They show the note as well as a sludge-filled bathtub (no trace of the mess in the listing photos).

The real estate agent, Lily Chan of Coldwell Banker, told SFGate that the project was not for the "faint of heart," and pointed out that, once remodeled, it could be a grand Victorian in one of SF's hottest neighborhoods.

And frankly, we believe it. In this market, buyers have paid more for less. As one Reddit commenter said: "You are paying for the location."

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