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Sunset District House Hides a Surprise Behind Modest Facade

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From the outside, the house at 1915 22nd Avenue looks unremarkable, blending in with the rows of 1940 era stucco houses on both sides of the street. But step inside the front door, and you enter a high-end remodel the likes of which you might see in Noe Valley. In the grandiose terms of real-estate speak, the listing promises that this is a "jaw-dropping Sunset home like you've never seen before." They aren't wrong. For this level of surprise, the asking price is $1.58 million.

The home's interior has been reimagined as a sleek, modern space with a kitchen, dining room, and living room on the lower level and four bedrooms and a family room on the upper level.

Shots of the home pre-remodel weren't readily available, but we are guessing that the home started its life as a much smaller place, with a garage and (perhaps) a family room on the lower level and two or three bedrooms upstairs along with a kitchen and living room. It's a floor plan familiar throughout the city in homes of this style and vintage.

All that's in the past. The present involves a large, open plan downstairs with a tricked out kitchen and large doors that open to the garden.

A glass-and-steel staircase bisects the space (you have to walk underneath it to reach the kitchen and living room) and leads upstairs to what was probably the main living area in the home's past life. Since all the public spaces are now downstairs, the space is recast as a family room with four bedrooms and three baths ringing it.

"Jaw dropping" might be a bit of a stretch, but it's a clever design and a smart expansion.

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