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Bernal Heights Mediterranean Home Hits Market, Asks $899K

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Bernal Heights is home to every architectural style from cottages, to Victorians, to bold modernist homes. It's rare to find a Mediterranean in the mix, but the house at 160 Santa Marina Street fills the bill. The 1,125-square-foot property just entered the market, and it's asking for under $1 million (another rarity for this neighborhood). The two-bedroom, one-bath home is looking for $899,000.

Santa Marina Street is short stretch between Elsie and Mission Streets, near Holly Park. It runs parallel to Cortland Avenue.

This house was built on the street in 1931, a popular time for this style. It has large mullioned windows, and the one in the living room is a showstopper. This oversized, arched window is a stunning detail, bringing a notable architectural stamp inside and outside the home.

There's a quarter-round fireplace in the living room that's equally ornate, but on a smaller scale, and it's matched by the diamond-inlay pattern on the parquet floors.

The bathroom and the kitchen have been updated with a contemporary style. In the kitchen, the modern cabinets do not contain the range and refrigerator, which stand side-by-side with no countertop around them.

That said, if you like charming vintage details, you'll find a lot to appreciate here.

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