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Pacifica Apartments on Crumbling Cliffs are Being Torn Down

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For weeks, apartment buildings hanging over the edge of a deteriorating cliff have been teetering toward the ocean. Today, perhaps prompted by the strong El Niño storms that swept through the region this morning, the city is tearing the buildings down before they fall.

Mike Nicco with ABC7 News is reporting more showers and wind tomorrow. Those kinds of forecasts may have caused Pacifica city officials to tear down the apartments, some of which were hanging over the cliff by a foot.

KPIX Assignment Editor Amal Hassan tweeted video of the demolition this afternoon. As we reported earlier, the apartments were evacuated in late January. At that time, there was reported resistance from occupants, some of whom reported they had nowhere else to go.

Michelle Roberts, a KPIX reporter, has been on the scene in Pacifica covering the news. She tweeted that: "Crews [are] trying to avoid dropping debris onto the beach below."

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Pacifica, CA

Pacifica, CA