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Modest Noe Valley Fixer Scores $1.8M, Well Over Asking

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Despite all the talk of a San Francisco real estate slowdown, the market for multi-million dollar Noe Valley fixers is still booming. The latest big sale is a two-bedroom on Clipper Street filled with wood paneling. It was on the market for the first time in 50 years. "Bring your contractor—needs work," the brokerbabble noted. That didn't stop bids from soaring way over the $1.25 million ask to land at $1.825 million.

The home was purchased with cash and will almost definitely be turned into something completely different over the next year or so. What do its buyers have to work with? For now, it's a modest white home with just one bathroom, a very out-of-date kitchen, and an overgrown backyard. There aren't any period details to mourn, just a charmless brick fireplace and some bad wallpaper as decor. We see flat fireplaces and soaking tubs in this home's future.

· 209 Clipper Street [Redfin]