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Clarendon Heights Home Cuts $200K, Lands at $2.498M

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Clarendon Heights, perched near Sutro Tower above Cole Valley, the Castro, and Dolores Heights, is all about views. The house at 95 Clarendon Avenue is no exception, and from its decks you can see miles over the city landscape to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands (provided it isn't a foggy day). What hasn't been spotted (yet) is a buyer. That may change now that the price has been cut by $197,000, making the new ask $2.498 million.

There are several larger midcentury homes on Clarendon Avenue and nearby Mountain Spring and St. Germain Avenues. This is one of them, built in 1964. The current aesthetic is contemporary, and it's hard to tell if the wood ceilings in the public areas are original to the home or a later addition.

Like many homes on this side of the street, the backyard is a terraced upslope. That, along with the fantastic views, are perhaps behind the two decks on the front of the house. The largest is off the living room, which is at the uppermost level of the home. It opens onto a large L-shaped deck. The next level down, the bedroom level, also has a sizable deck off the master bedroom.

The lower level is the media room, the rationale likely being that when you are watching television is not the time you want to take in the scenery.

We will watch and see if a buyer materializes on the horizon.

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