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Elegant Edwardian in Inner Sunset Asks $1.899M

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Until today, we had not heard of Hugo Street. But when this classic Edwardian home at 121 Hugo materialized, we were quick to look it up. It turns out Hugo Street is a six-block long stretch between Arguello and 7th Avenue that runs along the south side of Golden Gate Park. The house sits closer to the Arguello end, which puts it at the border of the Inner Sunset and Cole Valley. It's a desirable location with a home that, in many respects, is covetable.

From the outside, you see one of those classic, heavy Edwardian facades from 1914. Edwardian architecture is more simple than the proceeding Victorian style, and the lines tend to be more thick and chunky.

Recent trends have seen vintage woodwork fall to the paintbrush, as tastes run to lighter and brighter these days. This house has not fully surrendered. In many of the rooms, what appears to be the original, dark-colored molding is still evident; namely the entry, living room, and stairway.

But make no mistake, this isn't a time capsule home. There are sensitive updates throughout, namely in the kitchen and bathrooms.

At 2,354 square feet, and with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, the home isn't small. However, the yard appears to be on the petite side. The photographs show a narrow strip of concrete out back.

· 121 Hugo Street [Official Site]