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Dramatic Loft Features (Movable?) Metal Art/Workspace

There's a spate of intriguing lofts on the market, and the latest to enter the fray is 1 Rausch Street, unit D. Like all interesting lofts, its industrial nature is on full display, with exposed concrete and factory-style windows. However, the unit in question has some other notable features, such as a soaring metal platform on wheels that's described as a workplace, but also as a piece of art.

The listing calls the loft-within-a-loft a "steel structure" and an "artwork," but whatever you term it in theory, in practice it is a huge platform that towers above the living room. Actually, it appears to be on wheels, so it could tower wherever the owners decide to push it. For now, it's stationed beside the windows on the far side of the living room. Since the loft has ceilings that are almost 18 feet tall, this is the only way you could have a window seat.

Another room that draws the eye is one of the bathrooms, which takes the notion of a candlelit soak to a new level. In this room, the walls are clad in a dark-blue tile that runs from floor to ceiling. A metal hanging candle system wraps the space on a least three sides, allowing red candles to ring the tub.

These kinds of features put the price of the one-bedroom, 1,266-square-foot unit at $1.04 million.

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