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San Francisco Rent Comparison: What $3,500 Gets You

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $3,500.

↑ We start with a one-bedroom apartment in Lower Pacific Heights asking for $3,200/month. The unit was remodeled two years ago, and all looks fresh. The living room has nice vintage details, with a marble fireplace surround (although a sealed firebox), a bay window, and original molding. The kitchen is small, but it's nicely laid out. It has a good amount of cabinet space and a dishwasher. There's also an in-unit laundry. The listing notes the windows are double paned, which is a bonus because it sits at Divisadero and Sutter, a busy intersection. There's no parking, but a garage is within a block of the building. No pets are permitted.

↑ Next, we have a one-bedroom apartment at 825 Post Street that's leasing for $3,195/month. The listing calls it Lower Nob Hill, but it's right on the border of the Tenderloin. This apartment promises to be freshly remodeled with new kitchen appliances. For a one-bedroom in this neighborhood, the kitchen is a good size and it has a decent amount of counter space, a dishwasher, and a gas stove. The bathroom isn't as modernized, and we had to chuckle when we read that "the bathtub is included." (Perhaps nothing can be taken for granted?) Pets are accepted here, and there's a dog run on the premises. There's a laundry in the building, but no parking.

↑ This two-bedroom unit in NoPa is looking for $3,495/month. We like the beefy molding in this apartment and the corner fireplace with a peaked firebox (no word if it works, so probably not). The hardwood floor is also attractive. The kitchen is more modern, and it appears newer. It has a dishwasher. There's an in-unit laundry, but no garage. No pets are allowed.

↑ Here's another Lower Nob Hill apartment; this one is a one-bedroom, two-bath unit that's looking for our target price of $3,500. The selling point for this one is size: It measures 1,000 square feet (the listing claims it could be used as a two-bedroom, we aren't sure how). However, we like the space and its elegant molding. The kitchen is modern and newer, and it has a dishwasher. The bathroom is vintage. This is one of those neat old buildings you find in the area (and in the nearby Tenderloin) with a grand lobby. There's a laundry onsite, but no parking (garages are in the area). Pets are negotiable.