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Mad Men-Era Home in Trad St. Francis Wood Asks $2.395M

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If Don Draper remarried and moved to St. Francis Wood, he might make an offer on 115 Santa Ana Avenue. The midcentury modern house is located in the classic community on San Francisco's southwest side, where traditional homes line the wide streets. How this modern residence came to live among its more formal neighbors is hard to imagine, but here it sits. This outlier home has three levels, four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and is asking for $2.395 million.

Like any good 1950s-era home, there's plenty of room for cars. This one has a three-car garage on the lowest level.

Another hallmark found in many homes of the period is large windows—and this house has a living room that's lined with five tall ones. (Look outside for views of the older homes.)

The kitchen isn't period, but the style the current owners chose is very complimentary to the aesthetic of the original home.

That room opens to a family room which is also lined with floor to (almost) ceiling glass doors and windows. The doors open up to an L-shaped outdoor space. It appears that a fireplace in this room has been converted to a bar, which makes enjoying a cocktail on the patio ala the Draper family a snap.

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