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Another Modern House Rises in Noe Valley, Asks $5.495M

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Forgive us if the headline sounds jaded, but large, modernist flips in Noe Valley are so commonplace, it's easy to get used to them. This one is a bit different. For one thing, it's designed by Dumican Mosey, a local, often published, and always modern architecture firm. It's also located in an area of Noe Valley that's traditionally populated by more modest homes (the house in question is at 4326 Cesar Chavez is up high, between Diamond and Douglass Streets, and just below Douglass Playground). There's nothing humble about this property: It's ultra modern, it's quite large, and it's priced a little under $6 million.

The house was likely a fairly unassuming property when it was built. Now that it's a three level, five bedroom, four bathroom, 4,200-square-foot residence, its past is a distant memory.

The outside is deceptively simple, presenting as wood-clad box with an oversize, black-framed window. From the front, there's little clue that inside there's so much space (the full spectrum of the project is revealed from the nicely landscaped yard in back).

The interiors are light, bright, and open—done with white oak floors, walnut cabinetry, and black-accented windows. A lot of care has been taken to place the windows at the best view advantage.

The benefit of the location is the views. From this vantage point, you can see the bay, Twin Peaks, Noe Valley, and part of the downtown skyline.

The only thing we can find that's small about this house is the garage: There's only room for a single car.

· 4326 Cesar Chavez [Official Site]