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Dolores Heights Property Tries Again, This Time at $2.995M

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If you charted the asking price for the property at 3750 21st Street, it would look like a seismograph during a minor earthquake. When we first wrote about it last spring, we described it as a "three-bedroom home [that] does not appear to be in livable condition, with pieces of its ceiling and walls missing." At that time, it had plans for a modern house and a $2.495 million price tag that was later cut to $1.895 million. As we observed then, the amount was quite a large for a house with missing walls. It vanished from the market after that, but now it's back with a few changes. Notably, it's asking price is now $2.995 million.

↑ Listing agent Derek Schreiber confirms that the old house is still in place, although it's no where to be found in the new listing. However, we pulled an old photo from our earlier story for reference.

However, the approved plans for the new home by local architect Michael Kao of Mak Studio are out in full force. They show a 3,749-square-foot home with three levels. According to the description (and verified by the old photos) this home has the potential to have a dramatic view of the city skyline.

When asked about the price increase, Schreiber notes that the recently permitted plans are "worth a lot." Will buyers agree?

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