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Bizarre Buena Vista Home With Basketball Court Wants $6.2M

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The huge five-bedroom home at 415 Buena Vista Avenue isn't your standard San Francisco house. First of all, there is a basketball court out back—no, not just a hoop, but a proper half-court ready for pickup games. From the front, the house is nothing special. It's a rather odd-looking, squat home with awkward pillars and brick front steps. It's out back that you can see its both its true size and its incredible views out to Corona Heights Park.

Inside, the house is a bit frumpy. It has wood-paneled walls, floral wallpapers, and one very odd light fixture shaped like a bat. The animal theme continues with monkeys carved into some of the wood. But the kitchen is modern and there are five bedrooms and four and a half baths to work with, so we're sure someone could make something out of this place. That is, if they have any cash left over for renovations after paying the $6.2 million purchase price. For a buyer who really wants to go all out, the adjacent lot fronting Buena Vista Avenue is also for sale for $2.1 million.