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The Oriental Warehouse Reminds Us Why We Love Lofts

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The aesthetic of some lofts doesn't stand up to the test of time. Unit 406 in the Oriental Warehouse at 650 Delancey Street isn't one of them. The property hit the market today with an asking price of $1.95 million, and frankly, it reminds us why these kinds of industrial spaces appeal. The historic, 1867-era building has landmark status; and this unit skillfully mixes exposed brick and old timbers with modern architectural details.

Back in the day, the warehouse was a holding spot for importers. Tons of tea, coffee, rice, spices, and silk where stored here before being sold to the citizens of old San Francisco. In 1996, the building was converted to 66 residences and now has landmark status.

Unit number 406 has echoes of what the building used to be, but The 1,428 square foot, one-bedroom, one-bathroom home also has very modern touches.

For instance, the kitchen. A black-and-gray kitchen doesn't sound inviting, but the wood floor and those raw wood timbers warm the cool space. It includes a built-in, illuminated quartz table. The kitchen opens to a high-ceilinged living room with large windows that overlook a courtyard and rough brick wall.

Upstairs, the bedroom is a blue-carpeted oasis with a master bathroom that's home to an exceptionally large skylight that makes the spaces bright.

Location is also on the loft's side. Its transportation score is a perfect 100.

· 650 Delancey Street [Official Site]