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Property Face Off: Which Luxury Condo Would You Choose?

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It's time for two luxury condos to face off. In one corner, we have a unit in the Four Seasons (765 Market Street, Unit 23AB) for $6.975 million; in the other, we have a residence in the Millennium Tower (301 Mission Street, Unit 49B) for $8.995 million. Both residences are around 4,000 square feet (Four Seasons: 3,594, Millennium Tower: 3,315), both have luxury finishes and fixtures, and both feature incredible views. There are, of course, differences, notably a $2.02 million price variance. That aside, which one would you choose? Have a look and vote.

↑ First up, the most expensive: Millennium Tower. Unit 49B sits on the northeast corner, so it has big water and Bay Bridge views. The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom residence is one of the largest at the luxury high-rise. The sleek interior is nicely appointed, but very visually quiet.

↑ Next, we have a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath unit in the Four Seasons Residences. This home was made by merging two units to create one. However, they still read as dual units, with two distinct floors and kitchens. What's notable are the large banks of windows in one of the living areas that overlook Yerba Buena Gardens.

· 301 Mission Street Unit 49B [Curbed SF]
· 765 Market Street Unit 23AB [Curbed SF]

Millennium Tower

301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website