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Are These the Most Charming Neighborhoods in San Francisco?

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We've seen nearly every breakdown of San Francisco neighborhoods imaginable, from rents to stereotypes, but now apartment search site RentLingo has attempted to rank the city's areas based on what they're calling "charm." The company is using data on nearby businesses, crime, and lifestyle info like parks and bike trails to give every score a Charm Location.

So what's charming, according to RentLingo? Businesses that are locally-owned score higher, as are those that are highly-rated. And what parts of San Francisco are charming? Hayes Valley and Union Street are standouts, with Noe Valley's 24th Street, Polk Street, and parts of the Inner Sunset near Irving close behind. The Mission's Valencia Street also gets high scores, while the Tenderloin, much of SoMa, and the Western Addition don't do as well. We imagine that most of this won't be a huge surprise for current residents of San Francisco who know the city fairly well, but we could imagine it being useful to newcomers.

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