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Whole Foods Forges Ahead Despite Proposed Chain Store Ban

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Last week Supervisor Aaron Peskin introduced new rules banning chain stores along the Polk Street Neighborhood Commercial District that runs between Nob Hill and Russian Hill.
According to the Chronicle, Peskin said that the timing of his legislation was aimed at Whole Foods, which has one of its new lower-cost 365 by Whole Foods stores planned for the old Lombardi Sports building along the strip. Whole Foods announced that it will move forward with its plans because the "response has been largely positive" from local community members.

The original plans for the site were for 62 units of housing, a use that Peskin says he supports. Neighbors, however, weren't big fans of the plan. They also opposed a proposal for Target to move into the shuttered site. Even under current zoning, it isn't easy for Whole Foods to move in as a chain store. The company needs to get a conditional use permit that could be voted on by the Board of Supervisors if it is appealed. Some neighborhood groups have already voiced their concerns, and the community looks to be divided on this one.

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